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Capra Salato offers Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale in Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas with exceptional milking lineage and excellent show quality. 



None at this time. Please check back. 


None at this time. Please check back. 

We will have kids in April of 2020! 

Sales Policy


Reservations are $50 prior to birth, $100 after birth, which will go toward the purchase price of your goat. If price is higher than $500, then we require a 20% deposit. If your first choice is not available we will gladly refund your money or apply it to another kid. Each kid will be hornless (polled or disbudded), tattooed, come with their first CDT vaccine, and registration papers (wethers will not come with registration papers). All animals will be guarenteed healthy at time of sale, if not we will hold the animal until it is ready to leave the farm. Because we cannot control any stress that may occur during shipping, the animal's environment or management once it leaves our farm, we cannot offer further guarentees.


Since we’re a small farm, all of our animals are well socialized and handled daily.  We check every one of our goats every day to ensure they’re in good health.  All goats receive preventative vaccines, hoof trimming, cocci medicine, deworming, copper and BoSe on a regular basis to ensure their continued good health.  We love our goats and will give you continued support after your purchase.




Prices are determined on lineage, conformation, show history, trait desirability and potential. We reserve the right to adjust prices once kids are born and visual assesment has been done. If a kid is reserved prior to freshening, the advertised price will remain as stated to the buyer. We will honor all prices on reserved kids with a $50.00 deposit.


Does start at $350. Bucks start at $250. We offer discounts to multi-kid purchases and specials on doe and wether purchased together. All bucks will be wethered at 8 weeks old unless reserved with a deposit.

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