Capra Salato Corona's Contessa

Wooly Dog Down Esimio Corona x Chenango-Hills Phoebe

Capra Salato Corona's Contessa (aka Tessa) has freshened beautifully as a first freshener. She has dairy written all over her. Her teat size, teat placement and orifice size makes her easy to milk and I must say one of my favorites to milk! She walks with such grace in the show ring and did very well at the Maryland Dairy Goat Association summer show in June 2017. There was some tough competition but I she held her own in the show ring. I am excited to see how she freshens next year and I am especially eager to see how her daughter Capra Salato GR Chimera freshens in the future! Easily one of my favorite does in the herd for so many reasons but one of the biggest is she carries on her dam Phoebe's wonderful personality!

Show History
2016 Frederick County Fair- 1st place Senior Kid
2017 MDGA Summer Show 3rd, 4th and 4th place 1yr milkers

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